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Complete services are available for jointing, thickness planing, ripping, resawing and gluing. Please call today for a quote


On a custom basis, we do laminations for countertops, workbench tops, panels, large cross-sections, and wood carving blanks in the species of your choice. We invite your inquiries in this area.

Regretfully, we can no longer accept customers own material for jointing, planing, re-sawing or other millwork operations.

Flooring, Paneling & Moldings:

We can supply, on a custom basis, tongue and groove, ship lap, V-joint, and most standard architectural moldings in a variety of sizes and species. Please inquire for prices on specific species, size, quantity and profiles.


A service normally provided free of charge to architects, designers and builders, to assist in the selection of appropriate species or substitutes for all types of applications, from furniture to architectural millwork. The information we have accumulated over the years on availability, working properties and waste factors, of the tremendous range of hardwoods and softwoods on the market today can be invaluable.


Information Required

When ordering material to be shipped, please contact us by phone, email or FAX. 

Local: 519 653 9322
Canadian Toll Free: 800 265 0624
US Toll Free: 800 265 2759
Fax: 519 653 3441

Please be prepared to provide the following information to assist us in handling your order efficiently:

  • Full name
  • Shipping & mailing address
  • Description of material required
  • Telephone number (fax and email if applicable)
  • Postal/Zip Code
  • Customers in the USA - Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or if this is personal, your Social Security Number. This is required by US Customs in order that they may process your order across the border. This is a requirement of the Federal Regulations Chapter 1, Section 142.3 (19 CFR 142.3(6)) which also refers to 19 CFR 24.5(b i & ii)

How We Measure


Most of our lumber is sold using "Board Measure" (BM) except where otherwise noted. The "Board Foot" (Bd. Ft. or BF) is the unit of measure. This is a measurement of Volume and each BF contains 144 cubic inches. All measurements are based on the net measure of the rough board. Nothing is added for shrinkage.

All of our rough lumber is in random widths and lengths. Only the rough thickness is a constant and prices will vary from one thickness to another. In other words, a pile of 1" thick lumber may contain boards 5" wide and wider x 6' long and longer. These minimums are determined by the grade and the mixture of sizes in any given pile will be different. You will need to inquire for specific lengths and widths at time of ordering.

Here is the formula for calculating BF using the rough sawn dimensions of the board:

Length (feet) x Width (inches) x Thickness (inches)

All of our veneers are measured and sold by the Square Foot (SF). The sizes vary depending on species, log size and inventory on hand.

Other Miscellaneous Items

Some of our solid species such as D4S stock, squares and burls are more conveniently measured and sold by the pound (lb.), lineal foot (ln. ft.), lineal inch (ln. in.) or per piece (pc. or each). These will be identified along with the price where necessary.


Shipments within Canada:

Any orders under $100.00 are subject to a handling charge of $20.00 plus shipping charges. Prices do not include HST. HST rates of the destination province will apply. Most of our shipments in Canada  are made via common carrier or United Parcel Service. To give you the customer, better freight rates and to have better control of these rates we pre-pay all freight charges (UPS or common carrier) and bill you accordingly.

Shipments to the U.S.A.:

Any orders under $100.00 are subject to a handling charge of $20.00 plus shipping charges. There is no duty or taxes on rough sawn lumber and veneer shipped to the U.S.A., although there is a fee for clearing goods through customs. We will provide all the necessary documents to permit efficient customs clearance, and pay all brokerage costs. You will be invoiced a flat fee of $20.00 for this service. All of the regular discounts apply (see Ordering). Most of our shipments to the U.S.A. are made via common carrier or United Parcel Service. To give you the customer, better freight rates and to have better control of these rates we pre-pay all freight charges (UPS or common carrier) and bill you accordingly. We strongly suggest that, if possible, you combine your order with other woodworkers in your area. Many carriers to the U.S., offer discounts of up to 50% which can result in substantial savings on freight charges.

We would be happy to provide you with estimates of your shipping charges.

International Shipments:

Any orders under $100.00 are subject to a handling charge of $20.00 plus shipping charges. Most countries do not have any import taxes on rough sawn lumber or veneer. However, there may be customs clearance charges. Shipping can be via parcel post, air parcel post, UPS, or freight forwarder for larger quantities. Please inquire for rates and best methods of shipping. 

Return Policy

We constantly strive to provide you with the best service and materials available. Our customer’s satisfaction is paramount to us and returns are rarely necessary. If you have any concerns about your order, we ask that the following conditions be met when returning goods:

  1. Please call us first. We will be glad to help you determine the least expensive method of returning your merchandise.
  2. Materials must be in original condition, properly packaged, and accompanied by the original receipt.
  3. Merchandise is to be returned within 14 days of receipt of goods.
  4. Orders must be returned in their entirety. Partial returns may be accepted at our discretion.
  5. We reserve the right to charge 15% restocking charge.

A refund will cover the cost of the merchandise and outbound UPS or Canada Post charges. The refund does not cover return shipping costs, and will be in the form of an exchange, or credit for any future purchase.

We do completely guarantee our workmanship, quality, and products; however we do not accept returns on milled lumber.

Payments and U.S. Pricing

Being a Canadian Company, our base currency is Canadian dollars ($CDN.). All prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Orders paid by credit card will be invoiced in Canadian Funds. Your Credit Card Company will exchange to your currency on your statement.

Cash Canadian or U.S. Funds Accepted
Money Order, Certified Cheque Canadian or U.S. Funds Accepted
Visa, Mastercard Credit cards billed in Canadian Funds. Your credit card company will convert to your local currency on your statement at an exchange rate that is current at that time. Some Credit Card companies will charge an additional processing fee which may be hidden in the exchange rate. Check with your card provider for details.
Debit/Interac Canadian Funds, Shop-in-Person Only
Cheques Effect June 1, 2004 Cheques are ONLY accepted from customers WITH an APPROVED CREDIT APPLICATION on file with us. Please inquire.
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