Raw Walnut Log Comes to Life In Instagrammable Office Masterpiece
Raw Walnut Log Comes to Life In Instagrammable Office Masterpiece
Raw Walnut Log Comes to Life In Instagrammable Office Masterpiece

When Upper Canada Forest Products of Burnaby BC found itself with a spectacular Walnut log, we knew it needed to find its way to Pacific Solutions Contracting. With an office and full millwork shop based in the heart of Vancouver, Pacific Solutions Contracting partners with independent businesses and local restaurants to create "Instagrammable" and unique social spaces. In doing so, they prioritize highlighting the natural beauty of wood in their design, construction and millwork. This Walnut log was a winner with the team of 25 creative minds at Pacific Solutions - it caught their eye, and their imagination, and is now proudly displayed in their boardroom.

The process from raw log to inviting table involved letting the natural beauty of the log to come to life. Sanding smooth the table top was an act of joy with this remarkable piece. With very few knots, the true beauty of the Walnut was clearly able to show through. The team used a black epoxy to fill in the few cracks which added drama and depth. The bow ties used to secure the larger cracks are Maple, chosen to provide a stark contrast to the Walnut and again illuminate the depth of colour in the natural wood.

The final elements of the design were chosen to enhance the impact. White table legs were selected to ensure the viewer's focus would remain on the wood, highlighting the grain and allowing the natural shape of the live edge to be taken in. The overall impression leaves you feeling like the wood is floating in a room, inviting you to take a seat.

Several other Walnut slabs from this same remarkable tree are yet to be transformed. They await an imaginative idea.

To learn more about Pacific Solutions Contracting, visit www.madebypacific.com.

Photos courtesy of: Upper Left Photography


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