Product Spotlight: Festool's MFT/3 Multifunction Work Table
Product Spotlight: Festool
Product Spotlight: Festool's MFT/3 Multifunction Work Table

If you’re looking to maximize space in your shop or want a better way to handle large panels and sheet goods, look no further than Festool’s MFT/3 Multifunction Work Table.

A stable workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations and assembly work. The inability to move the workbench from the workshop to the job site can be limiting. The MFT/3 Multifunction Work Table is a versatile, flexible, and economical solution that can easily be carried to the job site or kept in a workshop.

Here’s a great video showcasing the ease and versatility of the MFT/3 Table paired with Festool’s line of products.

About Festool

Festool power tools will help you do things other tools cannot do. With each tool added to your Festool system, speed and productivity are increased. Beyond simply working better together, Festool products are engineered, manufactured and calibrated to operate in sync, resulting in the unmatched performance you demand and deserve. All backed by one of the industry’s most extensive warranties and service plans.


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