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Industry News: Working With Banksia Pods
Industry News: Working With Banksia Pods
The Banksia genus of plants gets its name from Sir Joseph Banks, the botanist who sailed with Captain Cook’s Endeavour voyage that arrived in Australia in 1770.

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Whether you’re a hobbyist or contractor, wood turner or instrument maker, A&M is dedicated to providing the widest range of quality goods and services for all woodworking disciplines.

For over 40 years, A&M Wood Specialty Inc. has offered one of the broadest inventories of wood, and wood related products in North America. While unique, domestic and exotic live edge slabs make up a large portion of our offering, we also stock over 100 species of fine hardwood lumber and veneers, turning blanks, burls, musical instrument tonewoods and specialty plywood.

Our stock of wood finishes, epoxy and adhesives will help you get the project results you are looking for, and with the full line of cutting edge Festool power tools available at A&M, the possibilities are endless.

UCS Forest Group: North America’s leading distributor of products for the architectural woodworking industry.
Delivering the Difference to the United States as Sierra Forest Products and to Canada as Upper Canada Forest Products.

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